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Here’s my Boba Fett Mickey Mouse Vinylmation. It’s my first attempt at a vinyl toy. Actually, it’s my first attempt at sculpture (as long as you exclude Halloween costumes and foundation art classes). Interestingly, my 3D Foundation class at the University of Utah was taught by a guy named Clay. This caused me great confusion the first week because on the first day, Clay wasn’t there. His wife came in to pass out the syllabus. I just figured that she was the instructor because the first thing that she said when she walked in the room was, “Next class you are going to be working with Clay.”

The next class I came in very excited because I had the expectation that it wasn’t going to a bunch of boring lectures about sculpture. It was going to be hands on right from the beginning. After all, she said that we were going to be working with Clay. But wait, who is this guy with the beard? What happened to the lady from last time? Then, an hour into class we still were not breaking out the big hunks of clay and making coil pots and stuff. What’s the deal? A long slide-show about Cristo? Then I made my “killer umbrellas” comment and got a bunch of stink eyed looks from uppity first year art students. It was only halfway into the third class that I realized that Clay was the name of the Instructor.

I used paper clay to sculpt the Boba Fett details onto the Mickey Mouse Vinylmation. Having learned a lot of lessons the first time around (and having purchased all of the Boba Fett rattle-can colors), I may have to do a second one.

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