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You may remember the custom Boba Fett Vinylmation that I created a while back. Well I had a fun time making it, but I wanted to try and create something more challenging after that so I created the Cylon Mickey Vinylmation. I’ve been working on it little by little over the past few months and finally finished it. As you can see from the video, the toy has a working Cylon Eye and sound effects. The effects are controlled by some switches in the back. The lights and sound run off replaceable batteries housed inside the toy.

On another topic, last week I saw “Your Highness.” It nearly convinced me that there would never be a reason to go to the movies again. The movie ticket was $10, the concessions were $14, a noisy drunk sat next to me in the theater and on top of all of this, the movie blew. I need to trust my instincts from now on and follow a new set of rules.

Rule 1. If it isn’t Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or June. Then the movie will blow.

Rule 2. If the trailer doesn’t make me forget the movie I came there to see, don’t go.

Rule 3. If the trailer contains the song “Wild Thing” or is an AC/DC song, don’t go.

With that said, I decided to implement a 3 strike rule. I will adhere to the aforementioned rules, and if from this point on I am disappointed by 3 movies, I will discontinue seeing movies in public. The world of cinema is at bat and it’s the final inning.

It is odd that my favorite source of entertainment is on the internet. I find myself far more entertained by Angry Video Game Nerd, Redlettermedia, and Tell ‘em Steve Dave than all mainstream media combined. The only “free” television program that still maintains entertainment value is The Simpsons. Other than that, TV and movies are crap. It doesn’t take an idiot to notice that creator controlled entertainment can connect with an audience more effectively than some PG-13 piece of crap that is supposed to appeal to everybody. Television and movies are targeting too wide of an audience. It’s like trying to shoot down a jumbo jet with a shotgun, it’s too weak and too spread out to do anything. Internet media is plentiful. There is something specific for every audience out there, concentrated like a laser beam.

Anyway, Scream 4 is the only movie that is worth seeing right now because it is the least insulting to your intelligence.

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