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Welcome SIR listeners! I’ve been listening to SModcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier for a few years now. I recently got to see them at Hard Rock Live at Universal Orlando. It was quite a show. Oddly, the show wasn’t advertised as a live SModcast, but as a “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” show. So I was pleasantly surprised when Scott Mosier came out on stage at the beginning of the show. At the end of the show I tried to get backstage, but the Hard Rock goons shuffled me off. At least I got to say hi to Kevin’s mom who appeared to be working as a bouncer to the backstage area.

Sometime in 2008 SModcast listeners started posting SModcast art in the forums of Quickstop entertainment. The following are my contributions from the SMart forum from Quickstop entertainment.

Based on SModcast #81 I drew this based of SModcast’s alternate ending of Minority Report. You can listen to a brief clip of it here. The, “T.C. shut ya down” this became a catchphrase among my friends who know someone with the initials of T.C.

In this clip Kevin and Scott theorized the English translation of the “Yub Nub” song from Return of the Jedi (not the special edition, the original one). I have this clip on my iPod and from time to time it comes on in my car prompting an Ewok sing-a-long.

Based on an Far Side comic, in this clip Scott Mosier speculated on what Kevin Smith’s dog Shecky intends to say with her barking.

Based on SModcast #13 This was my first piece of SModcast art. You can listen to the clip here. Also, you can listen to Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan here on “Tell ‘em Steve-Dave”

While reminiscing about a recent party, Kevin makes the suggestion that he would have enjoyed it more if he had been high. Listen to the clip here.

I don’t really remember what motivated me to draw this comic. It was a somewhat odd moment to capture from SModcast. You can hear it here.

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