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Posted in: Design, Film and Television ♦ Sunday, December 12th, 2010, 4:45 PM ♦ No Comments

You may remember the custom Boba Fett Vinylmation that I created a while back. Well I had a fun time making it, but I wanted to try and create something more challenging after that so I created the Cylon Mickey Vi [...]


Posted in: Film and Television ♦ Saturday, November 13th, 2010, 10:28 PM ♦ No Comments

Unstoppable is a decent action movie. Typically, if you find that you enjoy Ridley Scott films, then you'll probably enjoy a Tony Scott film. Tony Scott is like Michael Bay... except that his movies tell a story, create drama, build suspense, develop character, and provide a satisfying ending. Unsto [...]


Posted in: Film and Television ♦ Wednesday, June 30th, 2010, 10:39 PM ♦ No Comments

I've uploaded all four parts of my Pulp Fiction editing experiment. Anybody who's seen Pulp Fiction is well aware that the story unfolds in a non-linear fashion. It begins and ends in the middle of the a time line that spans approximately thirty years. If one were to view the movie in chronologic [...]